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This engine had problems with cooling and a water pump which made to much noise. Also, the heater didn’t get warm.

When disconnecting various hoses, it appeared that the pipes were full of calcium. The very fine channels in the radiator of the heater clog easily in classic cars. Also (possibly by a not being used for some time) the bearing of the pump was dry, but it worked and was not warn.

In order to solve this, Bardahl Radiator Fast Flush was added, after which the engine was driven to achieve normal running temperature and the heater turned to the maximum. Then the entire system was drained and flushed. (This means that the hoses were disconnected and with clean water the radiator was flushed several times). Everything was then reconnected and the system filled with coolant. At the same time Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak was added to prevent the radiator leaking and to lubricate the bearing of the heat pump.
The result was a smoothly functioning radiator, a heater that worked as it should do and a water pump which made less noise.

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