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Diesel Anti-Bacteria

Bardahl Introduces Diesel Anti Bacteria (DAB). It is an effective biocide specifically developed to remove bacteria and fungi from diesel fuel.

Bacteria can clog diesel filters. In the best case, the fuel filter is clogged partially. A complete blockage of the fuel filter causes that the engine no longer can operate with lots of damage and repair costs.

Moisture in fuel is the source of many problems. Temperature fluctuations, dark rooms, long storage and poor sealing of the fuel filler ensure that moisture / condensation can develop and lead to bacterial growth. These bacteria must be removed before they clog the fuel filter.

DAB works directly after adding to the diesel fuel. The biocidal removes bacteria and fungi from the diesel fuel and prevents corrosion.

Bardahl DAB has been tested by leading manufacturers such as MAN, Daimler and MTU. It is suitable for all diesel engines, fuel pumps and fuel generators, etc. Bardahl Diesel Anti Bacteria is registered at the Ctgb; 15122 N.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.

Ref 2605 500ml

Ref 2655 10 liter

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