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Bardahl introduces a unique fuel system cleaner. Major advantage is that this cleaner can clean both gasoline and diesel engines simultaneously. Additionally, the two separate circuits make interim flushing unnecessary. The cleaner comes with a complete set of connectors so that each car can be treated.

Bardahl Professional Injector cleaners (fuel and diesel) remove all deposits (varnish, carbon residues, …) in and around the injection system, the combustion chamber and valves. These cleaning formulas have been especially developed to be used in a professional flushingmachine. They can be used for all types of petrol and diesel engines, low or high pressure injection, equipped or without a turbo charger. They are compatible with catalytic converters and DPF systems.


Bardahl Professional Injector Cleaner:
– Dissolves and removes all deposits (soot, varnish, carbon residues, gums, …) improving combustion
– Avoids premature clogging of the injection pump, injectors, turbo, catalytic converter and DPF
– Restores original engine performance
– Restores injector flow rate
– Avoids the replacement of expensive parts
– Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust smoke
– Helps pass the technical inspection test


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