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The problem of lubricating bicycle chains

Most bicycle chains are open to the air. This increases their contact with water and dampness and encourages corrosion. It also means more chance of fouling with dust, sand, road grime and other airborne contaminants. Corrosion and dirt hinder chain movement and lead to excess wear.
In addition, some chains – like motorcycle, bicycle and industrial chains have intricate links with tight, hard to reach spaces. Regular lubricants don’t penetrate these spaces easily and eventually tend to squeeze out.


The action

Discover our bicycle chain lube: Bardahl Foamy Chain  Lube. This chain lube contains Bardahl’s “polar attraction” formula, foaming agent,  an anti-oxidant, and high-grade oil for cushion lubrication.
• The foaming agent allows even and precise application and prevents annoying over-spray.

• The penetrant has low surface tension that lets it flow into tight spaces; capillary action actually draws it into areas between link side plates. It carries the last three ingredients with it throughout the chain.

• Bardahl’s polar attraction formula is compounded of extreme pressure agents that bond to metal, forming a high-strength molecular film. It smoothes metal surfaces, reducing friction and wear.

• Friction protection is enhanced by the high-grade oil.

• The anti-oxidant works chemically to prevent oxidation, the cause of rust and other corrosion.

After penetrating, Bardahl Foamy Chain Lube clings, leaving a lasting coating that cuts friction, protects against corrosion and grime and repels moisture.

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