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Bardahl Ceramic Paste is a release and mounting paste. It is a balanced combination of very fine ceramic parts, a non-melting grease and special anti- corrosion and anti-oxidation inhibitors. Bardahl Ceramic Paste is metal free.

This Bardahl gray ceramic paste was available in small 100 and 500 gram, cartridges, pails and an aerosol. Now Bardahl has added a handy pressure pack. The 200ml version can easily be applied by using the brush.

• Rapidly and easy mounting of wire connections.
• Prevents corrosion
• Gives a quick and easy release of bold/nut connections, even after exposure to high temperatures with peaks up to 1200°C, corrosive atmospheres or extreme pressures.
• Reduces wear on places with high friction.
• Will prevent corrosion by acids, salt or caustics.
• Will not be washed away by water.

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Ref 76502
Content 200ml