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Crane lubricants

Bardahl is very capable to deliver the perfect maintenance products for all types of cranes, so that they can provide maximum reliability under all conditions. Each type of crane needs their own specific lubrication Bardahl has many years of experience in the maintenance of cranes.


Important questions:

• What will you lubricate?
• How will you lubricating, via a fixed maintenance schedule?
• Do you know all lubrication points?
• What type of lubricant you use: a grease (transparent or black), with Teflon or not, oil or not?

These are just some questions that you need to answer when you are looking for crane lubricants. Bardahl is able to supply a complete range of crane lubricants and advise you, with direct benefit. We not only sell lubricants and maintenance, but also help you to use the right products.


Some examples of lubricating choices you can make:

Steel cables can be lubricated very well with our lubricants. Which one is right for you? Bardahl OGW Transparent or Compound, Super TF lube or Foamy Lube Spray?

Each lubricant has its own specific advantages: OGW greases do not drip, but adhere to the cable and are well suited for open systems. Super TF lube contains PTFE (Teflon) and can withstand very high pressures. Foamy Lube Spray is a high-pressure lubricant specially for chains and actually penetrates through to the O-rings and contains Bardahl’s Polar Attraction “formula.

But which Bardahl lubricant you choose, we have at all times the right solution to maintain your expensive cranes perfectly.  However Bardahl continues. Our wide product range enables us to assist you with many other lubrication problems, cleaning products, personal care (hand cleaners for example) and repair products.

Your are looking for hydraulic oil for your cranes or an excellent degreaser? Bardahl has it all in his range.

See the entire productrange of crane lubricants.


More information?

If you cannot find what you are looking for or want more information, please fill out the contact form. We will handle your request promptly and professionally. You may also directly contact us by phone at 0031 78-651 23 22.