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Save lubrication in the food industry

Bardahl food grade lubricants are approved by the NSF. This means that our food grade oils, greases and special lubricants are safe for use in the food industry.
These lubricants should not only be used in slaughterhouses, but also in bakeries, breweries, farms, wholesalers in meat, vegetables and fruit etc.

Of course, it is never the intention to let lubricants get in contact with foodstuffs: this is bound to very strict rules. However, during production processes, lubricants may get in contact with food by for example as leakage or careless use.

The products Bardahl supplies for the food industry are devided in:

  • Greases
  • Special lubricants
  • Oils
  • Cleaners
  • Polysealer
  • Handcleaner

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The food grade lubricants that Bardahl produces are NSF approved. The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), founded in 1944, is an American institution that sets standards and issues certificates for food, water and consumer goods. The NSF is an independent, nonprofit organization.

The role of the NSF:

• Checking whether a product meets the regulations

• Check the ingredients and formulation

• Check the packaging and labeling


Food grade lubricants are classified into 3 classes:

  • H1: products used in the food industry where incidental contact food is possible.
    Lubricants with a H1 certificate are made of materials that have been released by the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration, food and druks agency) . The F.D.A. is a so called a positive list (21 CFR 172 878). When a substance is on this list it means that there is no risk if there is contact with food.

Note: The contact of H1 lubricants with food needs, almost naturally, to be reduced to a minimum. This is the amount that is needed for the machine to work properly. So the lubrication should be sufficient, but not too much.

  • H2: products used in the food industry, without any incidental contact with food products. Check the NSF-certificates at any time, on the official website:
  • 3H: is group of lubricants that are “edible” and can in principle come into contact with food. Consider edible oils (such as corn, soybean or cottonseed oil) used to prevent rust on hooks, trolleys and similar equipment.


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