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Sebastian Loeb and Dominique Heintz

In the race season 2016 Bardahl is official Sponsor of Sebastian Loeb. Sebastien Loeb is the world’s most successful rally driver and owns numerous records.

An overview of some important records that he owns;

– WRC Rally Starts – 164

– WRC Rally Wins – 76

– 896 won stages

– 9-Bardahl loeb porschetimes WRC World Champion Rally 

Pikes Peak Record; 8:13.878

This year, he will participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Sebastien Loeb Racing (SLR) helps us to strengthen our position of the brand Bardahl  and will contribute to the further development of our image.





Race program

To strenghten the sponsorship program Bardahl has developed specifically in this context 4 additives and 1 racing coolant. Click on the red text or productphoto to read extended product information.

RACING PETROL TREATMENT has been developed for racing drivers who want to protect and extend the lifespan of their engine. This preventive petrol additive can be used during races or normal road driving. It is recommended to avoid the loss of power due to engine clogging and wear.

RACING OIL BOOSTER contains a unique formula made of FULLERENE molecules, that protects and covers with an unbreakable, anti-friction and pressure-resistant film all turbo and enginemetal parts.

RACING MANUAL GEARBOX ADDITIVE is a gear oil additive that will extend the gearbox lifespan, improve its performance and make gear shifting easier.

RACING OCTANE BOOSTER is a new CONCENTRATED formula which increases the octane rating of gasoline. Increases gasoline octane rate by max. 5 points (depending on the type of fuel used).

RACING COOLANT is a ready-for-use racing coolant that will run the engine cooler up to 15°C (30°F). This coolant is based on distillated water and can be used in races where glycolbased coolants are not allowed. It can be used in any type of engines (cars, motorbikes, karts, ATV, …). It can also be used in normal cars having overheating problems due to warm weather temperatures.

Racing Petrol Treatment13103-Bardahl_LOEB-Oil-Booster-Fullerene-300mlRacing versnellingsbakolie toevoeging  Racing Octane Booster + fullereneRacing Coolant


Bardahl will be on visible at the cars of SLR Racing in following disciplines: Porsche Carrera Cup France, World Touring Car Championship ( WTTC).