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Bardahl has been involved since 1939 with the delevopment of lubricants and additives. At that time, Ole Bardahl discovered that the molecular structure of engine oil by means of an addition could be changed in such way that the oil was better able to attach to the moving parts of the engine. The resulting oil film was able to tolerate higher pressures and temperatures than possible before. The result; engines could operate more efficiently with less wear and maintenance. Bardahl developed, based on this principle, lubricants for the automotive and industry.


For the industry, Bardahl developed special additives as a Hydraulic Oil additive, Gear Oil additive, etc. to be added to various industrial lubricants. High temperatures or high pressures, extreme speeds and / or prolonged heavy loads in machines and machine parts are often cause of increased friction, which causes more heat, more wear and of course costs extra power / energy. This leads to increased maintenance and extra downtimes and reducing efficiency.

In these and other adverse operating conditions Bardahl additives and oil can offer a solution.
In addition, sometimes leaks that are difficult to localize, or bolts appear to be completely rusted. Also for these situations, Bardahl can offer helpfull solutions.


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