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Industrial oils and additives

In 1939, Ole Bardahl discovered that the molecular structure of engine oil by means of an oil additive could be modified in such a way, that the oil is better able to attach to the moving parts of the engine. This meant that an engine could operate more efficient with less wear, friction and maintenance . The lubricating film was able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

This is the beginning of Bardahl additives. Bardahl industrial oils and additives still uses this unique Polar Attraction Formula. The products Bardahl developed are based on this principle which became a worldwide success in many industries.
For the industry Bardahl has a wide range of cost-saving industrial oils (transmission oil, gear oil, compressor oil, etc.), oil additives, lubricants and greases. To support all of these products, we also offer a range of cleaning products, adhesives, sealants.

Machinery lubricated with Bardahl’s Polar Attraction Formula will use less energy, last longer and require less machinery maintenance. Extensive testing all over the world and intensive use in practice, prove the positive impact of Bardahl clearly. Through a balanced composition and combination of specialty chemicals and high quality base oils, we are able to find a solution for all lubrication problems.

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