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After an oil change the compression was too low despite using the same oil as before. In practice, you can recognize this is as a ‘sluggish’ engine.

This is possible in classic cars and is caused by aging. In order to solve the compression loss Bardahl Oil Booster + Turbo Protect was added to the oil. This oil additive provides the engine with a permanent
lubricating film which ensures better compression. This oil additive cleans the engine including rings and provides a quieter running that will reduce friction. The result of adding this additive in your Classic car is very quickly noticeable.

After only 40 km, the customer gave a very positive response; there was seriously improved compression and a much better throttle response. Besides that; the engine run very smoothly. The customer now wants Oil Booster + Turbo Protect added to the oil at every oil change. Classic cars are not full of electronics, which is why the use of additives will be noticed very quickly. The electronics in modern cars compensate for many deficiencies which is why performance is not always what it should be and harder to notice.

This example is of a MG TD, however, this additive can be added to the oil of any classic car who’s engine has not been overhauled.

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