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Unleaded gasoline offered a lubricating effect during ignition. This also ensured that carburettors did not dried out and had preventive function (hot ignition ‘pinking’). The increasing use of ethanol in current gasoline causes fuel to dry and run lean which is disastrous for carburettor engines.Bardahl Carburettor Cleaner added to this MGB

This original MGB had problems with the carburettor as a result of this. By adding Bardahl Carburettor Cleaner the problem was solved.

This fuel additive ensures that the nozzle, float chamber etc are cleaned and it will leave a small film of oil behind for lubrication. As it is cleaned, the float shuts off more efficiently, and does not stick. (problems that may occur when you use unleaded gasoline). Bardahl Carburettor Cleaner will also ensure that no dirt builds up on the carburettor valves and maintains optimum performance.

The result is a improved throttle response and smoother engine. Regular use of this fuel additive allows the carburetor to stay clean and prevents drying out.

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