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Bardahl Engine Flush loosens stuck valves, valve levers and piston rings while driving. Valves and compression springs, which linger, come loose again with this oil addition.

  • Gum from valve sealers is removed
  • Stuck piston rings come loose
  • Sludge is dissolved in the piston ring grooves
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  • Power loss is restored
  • Prevents precipitations from re-adhering due to the protective oil film created on metal surfaces


Pour the entire canister (300 ml.) into the crankcase (max. 4.5 liters) when the engine is at an adequate temperature . Note: do not allow oil level to rise above the maximum oil level.

  1. Turn on the engine at idle speed for about 30 minutes (at operating temperature).
  2. Another option is to drive a maximum of 50 kilometers.
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      Then it is advised to change the motor oil and renew oil filter.

      This method of internally cleaning the engine ensures that valves that linger come loose and compression springs are cleaned. For maximum lubrication, add a can of Oil Booster + Turbo Protect to the new engine oil

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