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Automatic Transmission Stop Leak

Decreases and may stop leaks of automatic transmissions.

The problem: Good automatic transmission performance depends on fluid flowing at correct temperatures and exact pressures. Parts must work smoothly and the fluid must be where it’s needed. Two main problems cause poor operation. Transmission problem may be caused by: shrunken or inflexible seals allowing fluid leaks and varnish deposits on seals and mechanical parts. Shrunken, inflexible outside seals cause loss of fluid, leading to erratic shifting and in severe cases, no shifting at all. Loss causes slippage which eventually wears out bands and/or clutch plates. Losing even a quart, can cause overheating. Internal seals can also leak, unnoticed, depriving particular areas of fluid. This could cause rough shifting and improper function resulting in increased wear. Varnish glaze is formed when oil and heat interact. It coats seals; the seal lips curl and allow pressure leakage. Glaze also traps contaminants and becomes abrasive to input and output shafts, eventually scoring them so severely even a new seal won’t seat properly. Shafts must then be replaced. Varnish also makes governors and valves stick, fouls the function of pumps and stops servo action. Timed interaction is disrupted and rough shifting throws shock loads throughout the transmission, threatening complete breakdown. The action: Bardahl Automatic Transmission Stop Leak has ingredients to: Remove varnish from seals and internal parts: Recondition seals. The varnish-removing ingredient cleans varnish from seals. It prevents pressure from leaking past curled lips and allows even penetration of the revitalizing ingredient. If used in time, it prevents scoring of shafts. It keeps intricate parts (governor, valves, servos, pumps) free of glaze.



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