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Bardahl DPF Cleaner has been developed to reduce emissions and meet international environmental standards. Incomplete combustion of the fuel causes soot. It is therefore necessary to maintain the particulate filter preventively.

  • Burns and destroys soot in the particulate filter.
  • Stops clogging of the particulate filter due to the accumulation of soot.
  • Prevents damage to the specific components that allow the combustion of harmful particles.
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  • Prevents an increase in fuel consumption, loss of performance and replacement of expensive parts due to ‘clogging’ of the particulate filter.
  • Lowers the combustion temperature to destroy soot. Soot particles normally burn at temperatures above 600°C. By the time they are in the filter, the temperature has already dropped to 300-350°C. This leads to accumulation of unburned particles on the filter. As a result of the active ingredient, this additive will lower the temperature at which suspended particles burn. This removes the accumulated precipitations from the filter.
  • Extends the life and proper functioning of the particulate filter.
  • Suitable for any type of engine equipped with a particulate filter.


Pour the contents of the can into the fuel tank (30-60 liters of diesel). Repeat this treatment every 7000km or 2x per year to make the DPF filter work optimally.

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