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Prevents the diesel particle filter gets bogged down with Bardahl DPF Cleaner.

Bardahl DPF Cleaner will: Lower the combustion temperature to destroy soot: diesel particulates normally burn when temperatures above 600°C are attained. But by the time they get to the filter, temperatures are down to 300-350°C which leads to the accumulation of un burnt deposits on the filter. Due to it’s active ingredient, this product reduces the temperature at which particulates will burn thereby removing the buildup of contaminate in the filter. Stops filter clogging due to the accumulation of soot. Avoids damage to specific components which allow the burning of noxious particles. Prevents an increase in consumption, loss of power and expensive replacement of parts caused by filter ‘clogging’ and the resulting build up of exhaust gas accumulates in the engine. Burns and destroys soot build up inside the filter. Extends life span and good functioning of the particulate filter.

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