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Prevent the diesel particulate filter from filling up with Bardahl DPF Cleaner

Cleaning diesel particulate filters with only an additive if it is almost wholly clogged or whose engines are in the emergency run does not work. However, a diesel particulate filter that is partially clogged but still works fine is the time to add Bardahl DPF Cleaner to the fuel tank. The soot can be removed very well from the particulate filter.

Cleaning of lightly contaminated particulate filters

Bardahl DPF Cleaner has been developed to reduce emissions and meet international environmental standards. Incomplete combustion of the fuel causes soot.

Ash and dirt accumulate in the particulate filter, and eventually, the pores will become clogged. The ‘blockage’ will ultimately lead to a significant increase in NOx emissions and fuel consumption. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain the particulate filter preventively.

Many diesel engines with a diesel particulate filter are equipped with an automatic regeneration program. This consists of injecting more fuel into the engine to achieve a higher combustion temperature to destroy the build-up of particles.

Unburned fuel is mixed with engine oil, resulting in possible damage. In addition, complete regeneration is often impossible. Cars are driven in the city, and many are stuck in traffic jams. The necessary temperature at which the particles are burned is not reached.

That is why Bardahl has developed a DPF Cleaner!


  • Lowers the combustion temperature to destroy soot. Soot particles typically burn at temperatures above 600°C. By the time they are in the filter, the temperature has already dropped to 300-350°C.  This leads to the accumulation of unburned particles on the filter. As a result of the active ingredient, this additive will lower the temperature at which suspended particles burn. This removes the accumulated precipitations from the filter.
  • Stops clogging of the particulate filter due to soot accumulation.
  • Prevents damage to the specific components that allow the combustion of harmful particles.
  • Prevents an increase in fuel consumption, loss of performance, and replacement of expensive parts due to ‘clogging’ of the particulate filter.
  • Burns and destroys soot in the particulate filter.
  • Extends the life and proper functioning of the particulate filter.
  • suitable for any engine equipped with a particulate filter.



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