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Fuel Water Remover

Bardahl Fuel Water Remover is a concentrated mixture of special additives that dissolve moisture in gasoline and diesel oil, and burns during the normal combustion process of the engine.

Bardahl Fuel Water absorbs the water from the fuel tank and ensures that it burns without any problems in the combustion chamber of the engine.By clearing the water from the fuel tank, filter and lines, it prevents corrosion, reduces “knocking” and improves engine performance and fuel economy. 

  • Removes water from petrol and diesel
  • Protects the fuel system (injection system or carburetor).
  • Prevents the gradual formation of rust in the fuel system, contamination of the atomizers, and ice formation in the carburetor or fuel filter.
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  • Facilitates cold start and protects your engine from corrosion


Before refueling, pour one vial into the tank. This way, the product will mix well with the fuel. One vial is enough for 60 liters of fuel. For both petrol and diesel. Also in use for cars with catalyst.

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