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Instead of Lead

‘’Instead of Lead’’ with every refueling stop.

Bardahl gasoline lead replacement (Instead of Lead) prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, which causes excessive wear. Lead replacement prevents the impact of valves and valve seats when using unleaded gasoline in engines that need lead-based gasoline.

This gasoline additive protects engines, valves, pistons, etc., without harming the environment. This high-temperature protection is always maintained when Instead of Lead is added to the petrol. Low-lead and unleaded gasoline prevent excessive wear on valve seats and the cylinder head surfaces.

Advantages of using Instead of Lead

  • Ensures exceptional valves’ and prevents burn-in and wear.
  • Prevents premature wear on seals
  • Improves engine sustainability

Use Bardahl Instead of Lead with every refueling. One vial is enough for 250 liters of gasoline. Always read the instructions for use on the label before adding the product. Do not add more than prescribed; this can have a detrimental effect.


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