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A lead substitute to be added every refueling (10ml to 10 liters of petrol).

Bardahl Instead of Lead prevents direct metal-to-metal contact that would cause undue wear. This high temperature protector is continuously maintained when Instead of Lead is used. In low lead and no lead gasolines, use of this product prevents excessive wear to valve seats and in the upper cylinder area. It also helps clean up carburetors, injectors and fuel systems and keeps them clean. Bardahl Instead of Lead protects engines whilst avoiding environmental pollution. Directions of use: Bardahl Instead of Lead can safely be used in all engines, in petrol with or without lead. Use this product at every tank turn. On the packing is the mixing proportions indicated. One flacon is sufficient for 250 litres petrol. Not suitable for engines with catalysts. Do not add more than prescribed, this may have an adverse effect.

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