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Extensive diesel additive to prevent moisture and bacteria. For fuel tanks in boats, tractors and tanks.

Using Bardahl BDC means:

  1. Less fuel consumption. Bardahl BDC ensures that the diesel, which is injected each time, at the maximum and at the correct moment is sprayed in the cylinders. In this way the engine runs better and the output increases. And a better, more complete combustion of the injected fuel, leads automatically up to more pk.
  2. Cleaner combustion because carbon deposits are prevented. Bardahl BDC contain additives which clean the sprayers and the fuel system is cleaned continuously carbon deposits are prevented. This results in less detrimental exhaust gases and a lower fuel consumption.
  3. Removing moisture from the fuel and recover the fuel perfect conditioning. Everyone knows the impact of too much moisture in the fuel. This can cause rust and bacterium can be shaped. These 2 processes work destroying for diesel sprayers.
  4. The sprays remain clean. If partes of the sprayers are clogged up with varnish, the fuel quantity will be 20 up to 33% less, which leads to loss of output and power. The II functioning of cetane booster rocket prevents this. With Bardahl BDC you have a guaranteed and constant fuel quality. An additional advantage is the excellent preventive protection against condensation, clogging and bacterium increase in the storage tanks.

To buy Bardahl BDC: click here to go to the online bardahlshop

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