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Diesel Injector Cleaner

A diesel injector cleaner which cleans and lubricates dieseltank and engine excellent.

It is generally accepted that the energy produced by spontaneous combustion does not have the efficiency as that of controlled combustion. The control of this combustion process is significantly improved by adding Bardahl’s “polar organic” constituents. More complete combustion of the fuels is also obtained for the catalytic action. This means less fuel consumption, less contamination of the combustion chamber, and higher power.


Bardahl Diesel Treatment can be used in any diesel fuel. It does not contain heavy metals. It will NOT change the fuel from composition nor the ignition moment of the fuel. Bardahl Diesel Treatment is fully absorbed into the diesel fuel to which it has been added and will remain active for years. Diesel Treatment is compatible with any type of diesel engine, with or without turbo and/or DPF.

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