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Diesel fuel additive to keep the engine in good condition.

Bardahl Diesel Treatment will improve the Cetane requirement of the engine by:

  1. Cleaner burning of fuels: less smog, more economy
  2. More power: Detonation is a major factor in diesels – it is very wasteful and seriously robs horsepower rating. More complete combustion of the volume of fuel injected means more B.T.U., which automatically adds up to more hp.
  3. Keeping nozzles and injectors clean. Most nozzles have from three to five ejection apertures. If one or more of these small openings clog with fuel varnish, the volume injected is varied from 20% or 33 1/3% with the resultant power loss in direct ratio. Our cleaning action stops this. The injectors are affected similarly by inhibited action of fuel varnish. Again, this is controlled.
  4. Fuel conditioner effects. We are all familiar with the effects of stale fuel. Fuels are stabilized by the solvency action and the moderate fuel dryer process.
  5. Summary A properly compounded fuel additive will give economy to offset its cost and pay actual dividends from fuel costs alone. Benefits can easily be ascertained by the reduced stack deposits and engine performance. Detonation control is an audible demonstration. The benefits from reducing this are universally known.

To buy Bardahl Diesel Treatment: click here to go to the online bardahlshop

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