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Concentrated Gear Oil Additive

Oil addition manual gearboxes

Bardahl Manual Gear Oil Additive is an oil additive that reduces the friction of manual gearboxes. In addition, friction is reduced, and noise decreases. It is a high-pressure gearbox oil additive for conventional gearboxes, wheelhouses, and swingarms.

Use of Bardahl gearbox oil addition ensures:

  • Excellent lubrication properties at high loads.
  • A good oxidation stability so that the oil does not thicken or form a sludge.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Due to the high-pressure properties of the Bardahl additive components, there is less friction and wear.
  • The optimal lubrication ensures sustainability and therefore is more fuel-efficient.

Bardahl Manual Gear Oil Additive is an additive (5-20%) to various gear oils, except vegetable oils. The percentage to be applied depends on the conditions of use.

Please note

Always read the instructions for use on the label before adding the product. Do not add more than prescribed; this can have a negative effect.


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