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Power Steering Stop Leak

Bardahl Power Steering Stop Leak makes both seals and gaskets of synthetic and natural rubber supple and stops oil leakage while driving. Gaskets can swell back to original thickness. As a result, gaskets close well and no oil can leak out.

Bardahl Power Steering Stop Leak also restores the properties of the oil by adding new additives and thus extends the life of the various organs in the power steering system.

  • Stops oil leaks from the pump, control valve or steering cylinder.
  • Prevents the oil from seeping through to the couplings of the pipes.
  • Prevents noise and vibrations from the unit.
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  • Makes gaskets and sealing rings smooth again and increases the volume of the gaskets.
  • Withstands high temperatures and pressures.
  • Can be used in combination with types of power steering and gearbox oils.
  • Also applicable against leaks in LHM systems.


Pour the contents of up to one can (300ml) into the power steering reservoir. Do not exceed the maximum permitted oil level.

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