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Reduces and / or stop engine leaks.

The problem: As vehicles age engine parts become worn, rings, cam lobes and bearings lose their precision tolerances, increasing oil and fuel consumption. Bardahl No Smoke + Engine Stop Leak thickens motor oil and enhances anti wear performance, reducing the effect of engine wear on oil and energy consumption. Oil burns when it is forced past control rings or valves by the vacuum created as part of the combustion cycle. Excessive amounts forced from the crankcase in this manner can cause a dark smoky emissions of unburned hydrocarbons from the exhaust. At the same time deposits formed by grit, sludge and other contaminates in high mileage engines attack the internal and external seals allowing oil to leak past and further increase seal wear. The action: Bardahl No Smoke + Engine Stop Leak acts in several ways. By augmenting the viscosity of motor oil. Engine compression is increased by the more viscous oil forming an improved seal between piston rings and cylinder wall. It restores the high temperature viscosity of oil preventing it from entering the combustion chamber and burning away. Proven anti wear chemistry in Bardahl No Smoke + Engine Stop Leak helps reduce engine wear, fuel dilution and their negative effect of wear and energy consumption.

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