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This cleaner removes, without disassembly, the soot in the turbo.

Turbo Cleaner

Bardahl Turbo Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner that burnes the remaining soot. This cleaner removes, without dismantling, the soot in
the turbo. This soot is the cause of the fact that the variable turbine vanes get stuck and the motor loses its power.


  • Removes the soot in the turbo, which is the cause that the variable turbo blades get stuck and the engine loses power.
  • Prevents soot on the turbo blades caused by poor combustion of the soot particles (unburned soot particles).
  • The product burns and destroyes more unburned soot particles in the turbo.
  • Prevents excessive fuel consumption and power loss.
  • Extends the life and the proper functioning of the turbo.

Pour the content of the can, when the engine is warm, in the fuel tank min. 30 and max. 60 liters of diesel. Drive a high RPM (in low gears upto + / – 3500rpm). Drive the tank empty as much as possible before refueling again.

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