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E10 Fuel Improver

With Bardahl E10 Fuel Improver you can easily run on E10 fuel.

E10 fuel contains 10% ethanol and 90% fossil fuels. The biggest problem that E10 fuel entails is that there is the possibility that certain rubber and plastic seals, seals and gaskets are affected. In addition, E10 fuel is around 2-3% less efficient. Most of the Cars, research shows about 90%, can refuel E10 fuel without any problems, 10% of the Dutch fleet not. By using Bardahl E10 Fuel Improver can safely refuel E10 fuel. In addition, the following properties are achieved: • Improved the E10 fuel quality • Prevents affects ethanol fuel (E10) certain rubber and plastic seals, seals and gaskets. • Keep the fuel system clean • Protects against corrosion • Reduces fuel consumption • Improved cold start.

To buy Bardahl E10 Fuel Fuel Improver: click here to go to the online bardahlshop

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