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Power TS TCWIII BIO Outboard

BIA-NMMA, TC-WIII API: TSC-3 /TSC-4, ook voor Bombardier-Rotax

Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil is a special, full synthetic, ashless, bio-degradable motor oil which exceeds the warranty and service recommendations of the world’s leading outboard engine manufacturers. This oil exceeds the lubrication requirements of water-cooled outboards and air-cooled engines carrying heavy loads and running at high speeds for long periods of time. Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil meets the rigid lubricant standard set up by National EE Manufacturer’s Association and the Boating MM Association: NMMA/BIA TC-W3. The name Bardahl assures the customer of extra quality and performance not found in the average outboard motor oil. Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil combines high performance, ashless additives with high quality, clean-burning base oils. This combination works to prevent spark plug fouling, deposits, exhaust port blocking and rust formation. It mixes readily with all grades of gasoline. This two-stroke oil can be used for pre-mix and oil injection systems of outboard-FFs and other two-stroke engines.

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