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Power TS TCWIII BIO Outboard

Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil is a special, full synthetic, ashless, bio-degradable motor oil which exceeds the warranty and service recommendations of the world’s leading outboard engine manufacturers. This oil exceeds the lubrication requirements of water-cooled outboards and air-cooled engines carrying heavy loads and running at high speeds for long periods of time. 

Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil is biodegradable. The biodegradability, measured according to the CEC L-33-A93 test, is 90%.

  • API TC+
  • CEC L-33-A-93
  • NMMA TC-W3



Bardahl Power TS Syntronic Motor Oil can be used for premixed (premixed) and oil injection systems of outboard and other twostroke engines

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