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A biodegradable 'Extreme Pressure' multi-purpose grease. It is composed of a lithium-Hydroxy-12, Calcium Stearate soap, synthetic esters, and solid lubricants.

Bardahl BIO Synthetic Grease has been formulated with very low environmental effect additives for an excellent balance between the environmental eco-toxic requirements and lubricating properties. Bardahl Bio Synthetic Grease has an outstanding sealing capacity and a very good resistance to water action, combined with a high adherence on the mechanism to lubricate. Bardahl Bio Synthetic Grease must be used whenever the lubricant is an important contaminating factor and wherever uncontrolled lubricant losses may pass to the soil or to water. Thanks to its biodegradable properties it has got better performances and higher efficiency in further water treatments, being physic-chemical biological ones. The eventual contamination of soils, cultures, forests, water, will have a lower effect, due the high biodegrading velocity, moreover when compared tot the conventional greases.

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