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A concentrated gear lubricant additive for use in industrial gearboxes using straight cut, bevel or hypoid gears. It will reduce friction and wear thereby decreasing the temperature of the gearbox and improving equipment reliability and efficiency.

Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil Additive is designed for controlled blending with regular lubricants -oil and grease- according to particular needs. It thins the lubricant for greater penetration, yet ads load -carrying strength. The problem: Industrial gearboxes often operate under conditions of high speeds and high loads, which create heat and foam, thus reducing the lubricating effectiveness of gear oils. Reduced lubrication means excessive friction, wear and metal fatigue decreasing gear life and increasing power consumption. High temperatures and gear action cause oil oxidation leading to gum and varnish deposits which interfere with the proper operation of gears, shafts and shifting controls. Friction between machinery parts robs power and creates heat, wear and metal fatigue. This friction increases as pressure increases. In addition, tests show that wear increases immediately after a load increase; apparently the protective film of lubrication is destroyed and severe wear continues until the film can be re-established. The action: An unique anti-foam additive in Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil Additive inhibits foam formation allowing gear oils to lubricate better under high rpm conditions. The Bardahl ‘polar attraction’ formula removes previous deposits and forms a temperature resistant film of lubrication on gear teeth and shaft parts; reducing friction, wear and heat; thus increasing gear life and decreasing power consumption. Rust and oxidation inhibitors in Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil Additive reduce oil oxidation, preventing formation of gums and varnish, while protecting gears against rust and corrosion. Bardahl Gear Oil Additive’s ‘polar attraction’ formula is an unique blend of extreme pressure agents and polar organic compounds. These chemicals bond to metal. They form a full-time, friction reducing film that resists destruction, even under temperatures and pressures that vaporize regular lubricants. It won’t squeeze out when load increases. The film also helps clear away deposits and protects against corrosion.

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