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A premium concentrated hydraulic oil additive package that exceeds all hydraulic pump manufacturer's anti-wear limits. When added to new hydraulic oil, it makes a new generation "Super Hydraulic Oil". When it is added to reconditioned hydraulic oils, it replaces the consumed chemical additives, resulting in a better than new condition.

The problem:

Hydraulic oils become contaminated with use and time. The anti-wear, anti-foam, rust and oxidation inhibitors become depleted. Simple filtration will give a bright, clean oil but will result in excessive metal wear due to the fact that the anti-wear additives have been greatly depleted and will have dropped to a level below minimum specifications. This additive depletion will result in excessive pump wear, increased maintenance costs, increased downtime and reduced efficiency. The action: Bardahl Hydraulic Oil Additive Package enhances new oils and rejuvenates used but cleaned oils. In addition to the hydraulic additives, Bardahl Hydraulic Oil Additive contains a “polar attraction” formula that provides a full-time low friction molecular film under the most severe service applications. This unique blend of polar organic chemicals and extreme pressure agents bonds to metal surfaces and stands up under the pressure and temperatures of heavy hydraulic use. It contains a multi-functional corrosion inhibitor, which serves as a barrier against corrosion and an anti-oxidant to control deposits. It also has a special foam inhibitor to prevent the formation of foam and air bubbles which, if left unchecked, reduces the lubricant film and is a prime cause of cavitation and resultant pump wear.

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