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Specially designed to protect gears, cables and chains in the open air and under water, particularly slow moving parts. This product provides extra protection against wear, rust and corrosion, even under the most severe operating conditions. Color black, dries up.

The problem: Open gear mechanisms are typically subject to adverse conditions including high service loads, exposure to the elements, and contamination from dirt and other abrasive materials. Wire ropes and chains are often exposed to corrosive conditions, and are subjected to abrasion and temperature extremes. Rapid corrosion and wear under these severe conditions, can cause excessive down time and high replacement costs. The action: OGW contains a unique blend of petroleum compounds to provide a protective lubricating film. The “polar-organic compounds and extreme pressure agents, which are attracted to metal surfaces to create a tough, lubricating molecular layer that withstands high pressure and heat. This film removes deposits and protects metal surfaces from further deposit formation, rust and corrosion. Bardahl Open Gear & Wire Compound is a penetrating lubricant for cables and wire ropes which provides a resilient coating that won’t be thrown off or washed out. On open gears, it provides a durable adhesive coating which protects against contamination, corrosion, and wear due to high pressure and heat. Bardahl OGW Compounds are ideal for protecting equipment such as turn buckles, shackles, cable clamps, exposed bolts, levers and switches against adverse environmental conditions. Applications: Protection of cables, open cog wheels of taps, dragline excavators, excavators etc. Protection of agriculture – and ground resistance machines, as well as articulation points of Cars such as pedals, car doors, brake systems etc. Protection and conserving of steel cables, as well as cable transits. Protection of open cog wheels, collars, cables, role-lower which itself under water and if in the immediacy of are substance, coal dust and mud. Protection of rolling mill-lower against corrosion and of all surfaces, which work in an acid atmosphere such as open cog wheels in paper factories, cement factories etc. Protection of components of mud mills and lock doors which are continuously immersed in water (also water salts). Occur of rust of crap and wreck, if lubricated for assembly, like e.g. at car expresses frameworks, feather straps, bumpers – and other affirmatives which will not be demonstrated under not favourable circumstances for a long time. These applications are of course also applied in the MM and shipping.

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