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Bardahl TF Dry + PTFE NSF H2 is a synthetic highly concentrated dry lubricant on PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) based. It possesses exceptional high-pressure properties, which have a very great affinity for various materials. The lubricating film that remains after drying is very thin, not oily, and works effectively, even in the narrowest places.

Bardahl TF Dry is suitable for use in the food industry and is NSF registered under the following number: 139 796.

  • Long-lasting, high lubrication force
  • Totally insensitive to water and electricity
  • Excellent resistance to high static and dynamic loads
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Does not allow itself to be thrown away and does not attract dirt or dust


This dry lubricant is suitable for all surfaces to be lubricated with very small clearance that need clean and effective lubrication. Suitable for both printing machines and chains (with and without O-rings), hinges, locks etc. This grease is also very thermally stable (up to 300°C). Bardahl TF Dry + PTFE NSF H2 is insoluble in all non-fluorinated solvents. This spray can is filled with environmentally friendly gas and can be sprayed from any preferred position.

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