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A high quality, multi-purpose, lithium based grease recommended for general industrial and automotive applications. It is designed for application requiring a superior friction and wear reducing grease lubricant in temperature ranges from -20°C to +150°C.

The problem: A modern machinery runs under high stress which overloads grease lubricants. Inadequate lubrication, under these conditions, can increase heat, friction, and wear leading to higher maintenance costs and power consumption. These high loads can also break down the hydrodynamic grease film which separates metal surfaces, leaving these surfaces without lubrication. In many industrial and construction environments moist or corrosive conditions exist. These conditions can lead to bearing failures when grease lubricants are not designed to protect against rust. The action: Bardahl Industrial Lithium Grease 00 is a blend of lithium soap, high grade mineral oil and special extreme pressure additives (12-hydroxy stearate). This combination provides a superior full film grease lubricant. Additionally, the additives form a molecular film that clings to metal surfaces lubricating when the hydrodynamic grease film is broken. The extreme pressure agents work to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

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