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Designed for lubrication of machine parts exposed to continuous temperatures in excess of 200°C. It has also proved to be superior grease for centralized systems due to its low pressure bleed and good water wash out qualities.

The problem: Chains, conveyors, and sleeve bearings in ovens and kilns are subjected to constant operating temperatures in excess of 200°C. At such sustained high temperatures ordinary soap based greases run off metal surfaces, allowing increased wear and friction. Separation of oil and thickener under pressure will give increased wear to lubricated parts and can cause expensive machinery repairs. The action: Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease uses a non-soap clay thickener which forms an extremely stable grease that has no measurable dropping point. At temperatures where other greases run off metal surfaces, this product withstands high temperature environments of high speed equipment or prolonged service at above average temperatures. This grease has a typical working temperature-range of -18°C to over 250°C. It is immune to temperature changes at all ranges, highly adhesive to metal, water resistant and protects against wear and friction. As a general rule grease with different thickening agents should not be mixed. Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease should not be mixed with non-Bentone greases. Such mixing will lead to an immediate separation of oil and thickener. When first applying Special Purpose in centralized systems, make sure the equipment has been flushed of previous grease.

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