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High quality grease

This grease has been specially formulated with a complex thickener, high quality refined mineral oils, to obtain grease with optimum behavior. It provides a very stable and adherent lubricating film onto the metallic surface.

Bardahl Premium Complex Grease avoids metal contact, even in limit lubrication conditions, i.c. with medium loads and high temperatures. Its different additives and its high quality oil will ensure a continuous protection to contact metallic surfaces. It has been developped to avoid early breakage due to fatigue, micro cracks and scratches. Bardahl Premium Complex Grease is adhesive and has a very high affinity to metal. It allows to maintain the optimum lubrication level of the mechanisms and metallic parts in contact. It avoids the losses caused by grease leakage, and consequently it reduces the lubricant consumption.

This grease has a high melting point, is water-resistant grease formulated and to be used as a wheel bearing grease for all cars and vehicles equipped with disc brakes. The excellent extreme pressure properties, rust and corrosion protection, high temperature stability and water washout resistance also makes this grease suitable for many other high temperature applications. Thanks the complex soap we obtain an outstanding behavior to mechanical work and minimum oil loss values. Its high drop point makes it possible to operate at high temperatures without loosing the physical chemical characteristics.

Applications: Bardahl Premium Complex Grease is used in mechanism and bearings subject to medium loads, operating at medium and low speed in a wide range of temperatures. The grease can be applied through centralized greasing systems, or manual lubrication. The proper consistency will depend from the general characteristics of greasing systems.

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