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Contains multiple corrosion-retardant ingredients, which function as a barrier against corrosion and oxidation. Available in many viscocities.

Bardahl General Industrial Oil is designed for the consumer who needs Bardahl protector in a fully compounded oil for ease of application. The problem: Friction between machinery parts robs power, creates heat and causes wear and metal fatigue. Severe operating conditions increase these effects, resulting in higher costs due to increased down time, excessive parts replacement and lost operating efficiency. The action: Friction and wear increase rapidly when the lubricant breaks down from severe service, allowing metal to metal contact. Bardahl’s unique ‘Polar Attraction’ formula (a blend of extreme pressure agents and polar organic compounds) gives extra protection by creating a molecular film which is chemically bonded to the metal. This low friction film protects the metal surfaces from contact even under conditions of high temperature and extreme pressure. The multi-functional corrosion and oxidation inhibitor used in Bardahl General Industrial Oil protects against rust and corrosion of metal surfaces, oil thickening and deposits of varnish due to oil oxidation. When an oil contains air bubbles the lubricating ability of the oil is drastically reduced, this causes increased friction and wear due to failure of full film lubrication. The use of a foam inhibitor with the unique ability to prevent foam formation and assist the release of entrained air assures that the equipment will not suffer from poor lubricant due to the foaming of oil.

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