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Bardahl Chromium Nickel-Paste is a lubricating - and assembly paste for very high temperatures up to 1600C!

 This paste contains metallic powders and synergistic working additives. When a screw thread gets as it were seized, because of the heat, the only solution is using for example a metal saw. The damage parts will then have to be replaced and this is a time-consuming matter. With Chromium Nickel-Paste you do not get into this situation!

The problem
When two connecting metal parts are exposed to heat for some length of time, they will oxidize on the confronting sides. The crystals of the oxide thus formed will spread from the one side to the interstice of the other side and bite into the surface. When this goes hand in hand with the vibrations, a ‘cold-welding’ of both metal surfaces may occur. This will then result in a complete jamming.

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