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Bardahl Delta Clean Plus is a super concentrated, multi purpose biodegradable, non- phosphate, nonflammable, biodegradable, easy-to-use, economical cleaner. This product has hundreds of applications in the automotive, transport, fleet, industrial and marine fields. Suitable also in hospitals, schools, institutions, hotels, motels and shopping centers. Bardahl Delta Clean Plus is a combination of heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and traffic film remover. It will penetrate, lift, emulsify and disperse dirt, oil, grease, mildew and other types of deposit from a variety of hard surfaces. It offers a powerful cleaning action that is environmentally acceptable. Advantages • Non- phosphate: contains no bio-stimulating phosphates, a prime source of water pollution. • Nonflammable: Safer than solvent cleaners. Will not burn. • Biodegradable: Destroyed by bacteria when discharged into waterways. • Versatility Use hot or cold: one professional product for traffic film. Removes mildew, rot and fungi. Efficiently emulsifies oil, grease, gasoline, chemicals, sludge and fuel in bilges. • State-of-the-art performance super degreasing: engines, chassis, chains, forklift trucks, plant hire, workshop floors. Dewaxing: as a manual Co-Polymer Dewaxer. • Environment safe: Fully biodegradable to EC Standards; contains no solvents, no phosphates, no silicates. • Economical chemically concentrated. Dilute with water to strength required. • Removal ready: rinses clean with water. • Stability: does not deteriorate with age. • Easy-to-use: No special application equipment needed. • Paint & trim friendly: safe to use on paintwork, trim and vehicle sign writing. Will not mark or dull surfaces: totally safe cleaning action even with repeated use. • Wax effect: leaves paintwork clean, bright, reflective and with water beading surface enhancers. • Super concentrated: gives dramatic savings when pre-diluted before use (see directions). 5L of concentrate makes 25L of high performance T.F.R. or up to 80 litres of Pre-Spray solution. Applications Cleans engine and engine-parts, industrial and institutional floors, walls, lavatories, desks, machines, vinyl tile, concrete, signs, office equipment, machinery, parts in process, food processing equipment, hoods, machine tools, floor gutters, marine decks, hulls, bilges, etc. Directions of use Bardahl Delta Clean Plus can be used through a high-pressure cleaner, hot or cold or by pre-spray. Remove mechanically or by handwash the static dirt layer, after applying the delta clean rinse of with fresh water. Please act swiftly because of many sensitive surfaces materials. Aluminum In case of aluminum cleaning we recommend our aluminum cleaner refnr 62400 Directions of use Bardahl Delta Clean Plus can be used through a high-pressure cleaner, hot or cold or by pre-spray. Pre-Spray For heavy degreasing dilute concentrate with up to 12 parts water; for T.F.R. with up to 20 parts water. For Co-Polymer Dewaxing up to 1part water. Finally if mechanical action eg. brush wash rollers are involved the dilution of Bardahl Delta Clean Plus must be significantly reduced to say with 300-400 parts water. Full rinsing must follow.

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