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Used as a warmth transfer fluid in race engines and is suitable for both petrol - and diesel engines.

The working: Bardahl Indy Racing Coolant protects all types water-cooled race engines. It fights, stops and prevents the shaping of foam, rusts, corrosion. Bardahl’s special high pressure components attach themselves to metal surfaces of the cooling system and ensure a protecting film. The slightly II functioning of the product will detach particles of the partitions and solve. Not solved particles are kept in suspension untill the cooling system is refreshed. Bardahl Indy Racing Coolant lubricates even all moving parts of the hydraulic pump. It stops moaning and crunching and forms a durable oil film on all components. So you have been assured of a good, safe functioning of the hydraulic pump. In the cooling system, Bardahl Indy Racing Coolant ensures that the warmth of the race engine can be well removed, and that can a good and complete combustion can take place in the combustion chamber. As a result of that, also the fuel will be used in the most efficient way and all kinds of disadvantageous side effects, condensation and Sludge, will be brought back to a minimum.

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