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Bardahl B1 Anti Wear Additive contains a mixture of anti-wear, anti-friction, anti-oxidant and detergent additives in Bardahl’s ‘Polar Attraction’ formula to maintain engine performance and extend new engine life. The problem Wear is not noticed in new engines until problems begin. Noise and oil burning produce smoke with a loss of power and efficiency. Engine deposits are less noticeable as the general good condition of the engine hides the performance loss they cause. However, right from the start wear and deposit formation hinder efficiency, reduce engine life, and increase both running and maintenance costs. Friction and wear are most severe just after starting, before the oil has circulated through the engine. Wear at this stage can account for up to 90% of the total. Formation of varnish is heaviest just after shutdown when fuel vapours settle on hot parts of the engine. Carbon and sludge as well as varnish and gum form as the engine runs. The action Bardahl B1 Anti Wear Additive’s ‘Polar Attraction’ formula is a unique concentrate of polar organic compounds and extreme pressure agents. These chemicals bond to metal, forming a molecular film that will not burn and cannot be scraped away even under the high pressures and temperatures found in today’s engines. This film stays in place and will not drain away when the engine stops. This complete protection does two things: • Reduces wear by smoothing the metallic microscopic peaks and troughs that cause friction and thus a reduction in generated heat. • Cleans deposits by undermining and cleaning away varnish and carbon, helping to then prevent further formation. It also protects against corrosion that can occur after shutdown. Another area where this product can be is to increase the level of zinc. If oil contains a (too) low zinc percentage, this oil additive is very suitable to increase the level of zinc. The zinc level is more than 1250 ppm. Bardahl B1 Anti Wear Additive improves the lubrication of bearings, cams and pistons, increasing their operational life. It helps free sticky valves, rings and lifters. Engines start more easily, efficiency and performance increase and operational costs are reduced. Engine life is extended and maintenance costs are reduced. Thin oil like 0W30, 0W20 etc. are often developed to contribute to low fuel consumption. Disadvantage of this engine oils; they have (very) thin lubricating film. Engine components at cold starts are exposed to extra friction and wear. B1 provides a protective lubricating film in the engine and contributes to a reduction of wear of engine components, without this affecting the viscosity. Suitable for all motor oils and engines with a particulate filter and catalyst. Article number 31201 Contents 250 ml

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