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Diesel Anti Bacteria (DAB)

The biggest problem is that biodiesel causes is moisture / water. Biodiesel absorbes a lot more water (up to 8 times more because biodiesel is very hygroscopic) than the EN590 diesel. Moisture in fuel is a direct source of problems.

How rises moisture in the fuel tank?

Temperature fluctuations, dark rooms, long storage (eg after winter) and a poor sealing of the fuel tank ensure that moisture may occur in fuel tanks. There is always a percentage of moisture in fuel. However, diesel can absorb max up to 0.02% water. If there is more moisture in the diesel than 0.02%, it will drop down to the lowest point of your fuel.
Excess moisture reduces the lubricity of diesel fuel and will eventually lead to bacterial growth. These bacteria must be removed before they clog the fuel filter and in the most dramatic situation; your engine will not run anymore.

Biodiesel is good for the environment, but brings a lot of problems with it for storage tanks, motors, filters, pipes etc.

A product has been developed to fight against the growth of bacteria and fungi. The product is Diesel Anti Bacteria. This biocide has been proven in the world of boats/ yachts and agricultural industry.


  • Protection for diesel fuel and technical products
  • Good anti-corrosive properties and long-lasting protection against microbiological material degradation
  • Broad and balanced spectrum of properties (including sulfate-reducing bacteria
  • Contains no nitrate, nitrating agents or organically bound chlorine (Has no effect on the AOX value)
  • Good solubility in diesel fuel and water
  • Bacteria and fungus resistant properties
  • Fast operation



  • Cleaning of contaminated diesel 0.05-0.50  / liter diesel


Instructions for use

Diesel Anti Bacteria is best added to a drained tank for about one third full. When the tank is filled, the product mix. The dosage should be determined by the contents of the tank.

In the case of heavy contamination, it is advisable to clean the tank first before Diesel Anti Bacteria.
Article number 2605


Article number 102109
10 liter

Use biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.

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