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BARDAHL RACING OCTANE BOOSTER is a new CONCENTRATED formula which increases the octane rating of gasoline. When these vehicles use too low an octane fuel, engine “knock” occurs, warning the motorist of poor fuel combustion, loss of power and potential engine damage. Even in vehicles designed to run on lower octane gasoline, after-run and engine “knock” can occur, due to the build-up of deposits in the combustion chamber. Periodic tune-up of gasoline spark-ignition engines will assure proper timing of spark plug firing and prevent this cause of engine knock. Detonation can also result from use of too low an octane fuel for an engine. BARDAHL RACING OCTANE BOOSTER: – Increases gasoline octane rate by max 5 points (depending on the type of fuel used). – Ensures a better-controlled and more uniform gasoline combustion. – Reduces knock from pre-ignition and detonation. – Inhibits after-run due to combustion chamber deposits. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Add BARDAHL RACING Octane Booster to the fuel tank before filling. One bottle treats 40L of petrol fuel. CAUTION: contains a metal-based additive disolved into aromatic solvents to facilitate its use and blending with fuel.

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