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BARDAHL RACING OIL BOOSTER contains a unique formula made of FULLERENE molecules, that protects and covers with an unbreakable, anti-friction and pressure-resistant film all turbo and enginemetal parts. BARDAHL RACING OIL BOOSTER: -Lubricates and protects turbo and engine when cold starting and when driving under extreme conditions. -Lubricates and protects turbo and engine when the oil level is too low. -Protects turbo and engine against oil oxidation. -Thickens the oil film at high temperature without changing the oil quality and viscosity. -The biggest problem in racing engines being friction, this additive will reduce the friction in the engine by up to 70% (depending on the engine tolerances). Less friction = better engine accelerations INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Pour the complete bottle into warm engine oil. 1 bottle treats up to 6 liter of oil. Compatible with any engine oil. This oil additive is free of graphite, PTFE, chlorinated paraffin, ceramics.

To buy Bardahl Racing Oil Booster: click here to go to the online bardahlshop

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