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XTC 0W20 Syntronic LL

Bardahl XTC 0W20 Syntronic LL is a full synthetic lubricant for the newest engines of VW/ Audi. This oil has been developed to create a clean engine with minimal pollution. Protects against wear, and continuing to perform. This lubricant is developed for maximum life cycle of emission systems and maximum efficiency. Due to the ultra-low viscosity class, substantial fuel savings are achiev


Bardahl XTC 0W20 Syntronic LL is developed for mandatory use in the newest 2.0 TFSI 140 kW and 3.0 TDI CR 160 kW engines of VW and Audi, which require the VW specification 508 00 and 509 00.


  • Fuel saving: contributes to fuel saving and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Good engine protection: Engine cleaning performance.
  • Cold start: very good low flow liquidity.


VW 508 00/509 00 VW TL 525 77

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