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Bardahl screenbond for the professional

Bardahl screenbond is based on MS Polymer. A high-tech adhesive and sealant based on the most recent development in MS polymers. Bardahl ‘s windscreen bonding kit was specially developed for bonding windscreens, by professional mechanics, both in the automotive and industry. A big advantage compared to a polyurethane sealant is that this screenbond does not contain any solvents (free of isocyanates). Due to the absence of solvents, it will not shrink or crack.200-Bardahl_Screen_repair_kit_complete 100-Bardahl_Screen_repair_kit_complete_opened

Bardahl screenbond adhesives, even without primer, excellent on old screenbond and painted metal. Bardahl Screenbond has been tested according to test FMVSS212.

Bardahl Screenbond MS97 is part of the Bardahl windscreen replacement concept. Besides the screenbond, primer and degreaser, Bardahl has a complete range windscreen repair and even star repair. All necessary knives, drawstrings are available in one case that allows you to get started right away. You can also easily purchase all parts seperately.


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