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Coolants a complete range

Bardahl offers a comprehensive range of Coolants: from a -38˚C up to a biodegradable Coolant. In addition, Bardahl offers a range of additives to solve cooling problems.


Function of a coolant

The main reasons why engine cooling systems are filled with a complete coolant instead of normal water with antifreeze are:

• Permanent frost protection to -38°C.

• Constant cooling through better heat dissipation properties.

• Thank to the high reserve alkalinity, metal parts in the system, such as aluminum and copper alloys are constantly protected against electrolytic action of acids.

• Plastic and rubber parts are not affected.

• No clogging of the radiator by rust and sludge formation.

• Protection against rust and corrosion.


Can different types of coolant be mixed?

Coolant are available in many colours; red, blue, green and even transparent. The colour does not tell anything about the quality, but is only for recognition. Mixing different types of coolants is not recommened. By mixing coolants, problems can arise as leaks from the water pump and / or head gasket, and plastics and rubber can be affected with coolant loss as result.

Problems by the use of different coolants do not act immediately but arise gradually.


Replenish coolant

If coolant must be added, the advice is always to use the by the manufacturer prescribed coolant. A little bit Coolant loss over time is possible. But when you have lots of topping or regular adding is necessary then it is wise to have a Radiator Stop Leak added.

NB Always do this with a cold engine.
Another possibility is to identify the problem and fix it. If changing the Coolant is necessary, always make sure that the prescrived fluid is used.
Finally, the freezing point does not say anything about the state of the additives in the Coolant.

 Bardahl Coolant -38

A ready to use mixture of antifreeze, demineralised water and corrosion-inhibitors, for use all year around. It will protect against freezing, overheating and corrosion.

Coolant -38 G11 is a blue coolant and keeps its qualities excellent for at least two years when used in a closed system. A semi-closed or open system should be refreshed each year for maximum protection. The various packages are adapted to both industrial and private use.

 Cooling Fluid G12

Cooling Fluid -38°C G12 has now become common when used as a heat transfer fluid in internal combustion engines. The heat from the internal combustion is transferred to the radiator, where the mixture is cooled by means of air. Cooling Fluid -38°C G12 ensures maintenance-free protection against frost and corrosion throughout the lifetime of the engine.


Antifreeze is a nitrate/amine free coolant which, in the cooling systems present ferro and non-ferro metals, protects against corrosion, overheating and freeze. Antifreeze exist from mono Ethyleen Glykol and a package of carefully selected additives to give in the cooling system present metal the degree high of protection against rust and corrosion.

Antifreeze has the following properties:

1. Hard-water and elastomer compatibility (no precipitation/flocculation).

2. Excellent all-round corrosion protector, especially on aluminum.

3. Non-Foaming.

4. Specially inhibited for anti-cavitation protector.

 Concentrated Zitrec Drinkwater Antifreeze NSF HT1 biodegradablelogo biodegradable

Zitrec Drinkwater Antifreeze NSF HT1 mixed with the appropriate amount of water – is a multi-functional heat transfer fluid based on USP / EP mono propylene glycol. It prevents freezing include the drinking water system, water tank, water pipes and toilet during the winter and is effective to -50˚C.

Applications: Use for all tanks of boats, caravans, mobile toilets etc. It prevents the formation of scale deposits and affected rubbers, plastics and metals not. Is non-toxic and readily biodegradable.

Compatibility and miscibility
Zitrec FC is compatible with most other heat transfer fluids based on propylene glycol. The exclusive use of Zitrec FC is recommended for optimum corrosion protection. For dilution during this process to avoid any contamination, we also offer ready-to-use dilutions.

NSF is an independent organization that sets standards, issues certificates and focuses on health and safety. The H1-approval means that these products are accepted and may be used as a lubricant for use in the food industry where incidental food contact may be used.

 Coolant Winter storage

Coolant Winter Storage prevents freezing of all inter-cooling systems on board each ship during the winter. This coolant is biodegradable, non-toxic and contains anti-corrosion ingredients, working up to -35°C. Protected metals and alloys in the system from corrosion.

To be used for all in-and outboard engines where the chances of this ends up in the environment. (surface water)

 Indy Racing Coolant

Bardahl Indy Racing Coolant protects all types of water-cooled competition engines. It fights, stops and prevents the formation of foam, rust, corrosion and scaling. Bardahl’s special high-pressure components adhere to the metal surfaces of the cooling system and provide a protective film. The cleaning effect of the product will loosen particles from the walls and resolve. Undissolved particles are kept in suspension until the cooling system is refreshed.

Radiator additives

Beside the Radiator Stop Leak and Radiator Fast Flush there is also a special Anti Rust Coolant additive. The main cause of poor cooling is the accumulation of sediment. Once rust and scale are deposited around the cylinders, so-called hot spots arise on the cylinder walls. At these hot spots carbon will be formed, with the result that cylinder walls can release the heat less well to the water.
Sounds from the water pump, especially such as squeaking, indicate that the pump lubrication is short. This means extensive wear and shortening the lifetime of the pump. Bardahl Anti Rust & Water Pump protects all types of water-cooled engines. It fights, stops and prevents the formation of foam, rust, corrosion and scaling. The light cleansing operation of the product will loosen particles from the walls and resolve. Undissolved particles are kept in suspension until the cooling system is refreshed. Additionally Bardahl Anti Rust & Water Pump also lubricates all moving parts of the pump.


More information?
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