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Fuel Stabilizer

Bardahl Fuel Stabilizer prevents volatile components from evaporating and also ensures that the fuel quality remains optimal. These volatile components ensure good combustion. Fuel quality is guaranteed for up to 24 months. In addition, the valves and seats are lubricated and the carburetor and fuel lines are cleaned.

  • A clogged fuel filter is prevented
  • Oxidation of the fuel tank is prevented
  • The valves and seats are lubricated
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  • Reduces evaporation, extending the storage time of gasoline by 24 months
  • the quality of gasoline is maintained
  • the carburetor is cleaned
  • cleans the fuel lines
  • suitable for 250 litres of fuel


Pour Bardahl Fuel Stabilizer into your fuel tank before refueling and the fuel will be protected for a long time. Drives at least 20 kilometers after adding this product, this way the additive also ends up in the carburetor and fuel lines and therefore can do its job effectively.

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