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Suitable for bounding a very wide range of materials. Bardahl Super Glue G101 is specially formulated for high strength general purpose of most plastics, rubbers, metals and other common substrates. Recommended for use on assemblies with close fitting parts and relatively smooth even surfaces.

The curing of Bardahl’s cyanoacrylates is unique. There is no use of heat, an activator and / or a solvent. It is kept stable through an acidic stabilizer that drying of the adhesive molecules to go, and so they will remain liquid in the bottle. When the adhesive is applied on the surface, the stabilizer is neutralized by the alkalinity of the substrate, or by the residue moisture. Microscopic amounts of fluid are always present on the surfaces that come in contact with the outside air. Bonding is achieved by attraction of the molecules of the material that will be glued. These links form a complex unit, which brings the bonding between the two surfaces to stand.

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