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This food grade degreaser has been developed to clean mechanical equipment and working surfaces in the food industry.

Bardahl Food Grade Degreaser BK1 is particularly efficient to:

  • Clean grease and oil deposits.
  • Remove glue deposits.
  • Eliminate ink.
  • Clean screen printing monitors.
  • Clean offset blankets (printing industry).
This degreaser is a high performance chemical product which allows cleaning at the most unreachable parts thanks to its high pressure spray force. It does not damage plastic (high efficiency on Plexiglas protections). This product is suitable for cleaning electrical equipments. This degreaser is NSF registered.
Important distinguish between two degreasers: Bardahl Food Grade BK1 degreaser dries faster than the Food Grade BH1 Degreaser. If incidental contact with food can not be ruled out then we recommend the BH1 product.

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