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Bardahl Coolant EVO-L Product Description

Bardahl Coolant EVO-L

Bardahl Coolant EVO-L is designed as a versatile and multifunctional coolant for combustion engines and battery-electric vehicles, offering unique stability against hard water and oxidation. This ethylene glycol-based coolant contains advanced silicate inhibitor technology supported by phosphates with a robust organic base (OAT – Organic Additive Technology). Bardahl Coolant EVO-L represents the next generation of Si-OAT technology coolants.


  • Thermal oxidative stability
  • Compatibility with Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) flux
  • Advanced silicon stabilization
  • Excellent aluminum passivation
  • Outstanding stability in hard water
  • Replaces previous generations of Si-OAT coolants
  • Replaces previous hybrid generations of Si-OAT coolants that contained borates, molybdates, and nitrates


  • Reduced waste through long change intervals and less replacement of materials
  • Free of nitrites, borates, amines, and 2-ethylhexanoic acid
  • Reduced complexity
  • Compatible with commonly used construction materials such as metals, alloys, rubbers, and engineering (thermo)plastics
  • Compatible with other coolants, such as previous generations of Si-OAT (exclusive use of Bardahl Coolant EVO-L is recommended)


  • Mercedes-Benz: 325.5 PL et 325.6 VL, VU / 326.5 326.6 (50/50 v/v)
  • MAN: 324 Typ Si-OAT / MAN175D
  • Audi: TL-774 G = G 12++
  • Seat: TL-774 G = G 12++
  • Skoda: TL-774 G = G 12++
  • Volkswagen: TL-774 G = G 12++
  • Cummins: CES 14603
  • Deutz: DQC CC-14
  • Liebherr: LH-01-COL3A (minimum)
  • MTU: 5048 MTL

Specific Data

Details such as water content, pH, specific gravity, equilibrium boiling point, reserve alkalinity, and initial freezing point are based on ASTM standards and show that Coolant EVO-L meets stringent requirements for modern vehicle engines.

Product Numbers and Sizes

  • Article number: 84151 – Size: 1 liter
  • Article number: 84155 – Size: 5 liters
  • Article number: 84182 – Size: 25 liters
  • Article number: 84186 – Size: 60 liters
  • Article number: 84192 – Size: 210 liters

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