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Do not underestimate the function of hydraulic oils

Hydraulic systems maintenance
Hydraulic systems can continiuosly function without problems if the correct hydraulic oil is used. The quality of the used hydraulic oil should not be underestimated as with hydraulic force is applied in combination with motion.

Hydraulic oil is available in many viscosities. Variety of hydraulic installations is huge: from small to large and from simple hydraulic power transmission to complex hydraulic systems. By choosing the correct hydraulic oil with the correct viscosity you can ensure the maximum lifespan of engine (s) and pump (s) with limited losses that otherwise can arise.
A possible problem that may arise when the wrong hydraulic oil is used or if the oil is out of date, is cracking of the mechanism. This means that, for example an excavator cannot do its job as it should do. This is caused when it is not possible to be built up sufficient pressure. In other words, there cannot be applied the sufficient force, so the mechanism cannot execute its duties properly.
Bardahl Hydraulic Oil Additive is a special oil additive to solve or prevent problem is hydraulic systems. It allows you to postpone the refresh of the hydraulic oil.


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Lubricants for hydraulic systems: 


Bardahl Threadlock T442

This threadlock is suitable for sealing and securing thread ends of pipes in both pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This product can be used on parts that need to be secured semi-permanently with fine to medium thread R ¾”.

Read more about Threadlock T442 (ref 97301)

Bardahl Hydraulic Oil Additive

An additive (5-10%) which is specifically developped for hydraulic systems where mineral oils are used. Protects against friction, rust, corrosion and prevents foaming and oxidation.
Read more about Hydraulic Oil Additive (ref 75300)

Bardahl Hydraulic Oil HVI 15-32-46-68-100

A high quality hydraulic oil for all modern hydraulic systems, composed of HVI base oils and special Bardahl additives. This oil possesses excellent anti-wear properties and has a high viscosity index. Available in many ISO viscosities.
Read more about Hydraulic Oil (ref 75300)